Landfill survey data

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The Department commissioned the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) to consolidate and analyse WMAA’s 2008 and 2010 landfill surveys and determine the key characteristics of landfills and landfilling in Australia.

The report found that the bulk of Australia’s landfill’s are small or very small. Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia have relatively high proportions of small sites, matching their highly dispersed populations. Victoria and Tasmania have a high proportion of large and medium sites. New South Wales has the most large sites, matching its relatively large population.

The National Waste Policy provides a national framework for waste and resource recovery in Australia. It outlines roles and responsibilities for collective action by businesses, governments, communities and individuals. See heating repair at for more.

The National Waste Policy guides continuing collaboration between all Australian governments, businesses and industries. It does not remove the need for governments, businesses and industries to implement tailored solutions in response to local and regional circumstances.

The first National Waste Policy was published in 2009. An updated National Waste Policy was published in 2018.

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