Energy Generation

Municipal solid waste (MSW) can be used to generate energy. Our technology has been developed in a way to allow for the processing of MSW for energy generation in a cleaner and more economical way than ever before via pyrolysis and carbonisation.

Our Ember Eco Solutions technology is so incredible that it can supply the next step following carbonisation and separation of the waste, being power generation and commercialisation of clean energy, being an option that a landfill owner may wish to invest on.

The power generation module being basically a thermoelectric station, can be supplied by us and assembled on the same physical space as the carbonisation plant. It is coupled at a separator outlet automatically transporting the bio coal to supply the boiler.

The gases arising from the bio coal burning in the power generation boiler are also channeled to the Raitec Distiller and go through the same distillation and pollutant separation process as in the carbonisation process, until those are fully transformed into the bio liquid and releasing only water vapor into the atmosphere.

The aftermath

The ashes originated in the coal burning process, both from the oven and the power generation boiler are collected and pulverised alongside new waste entering the oven, so that the industry eliminates 100% of its own waste generated during the process, leaving no environmental damage with secondary pollution.

From the plant, the energy goes to a substation and through transmission lines where it can be supplied to industry and residences.

Our Ember Eco Solutions station has been developed in a modular form with units that process from 5 to 20 tons per hour and that can be adapted and expanded very simply, with new module couplings and without the need to interrupt the plant’s activities. One the greatest advantages of the system is that it is based on closed circuit of vapor and pressure deployment preventing wastage of thermic energy comparing to traditional methods which utilises only 20% of thermic energy generated Our system in its turn utilises up to 90% having this way low cost of production and depreciation being capable of producing cheaper energy to the community.

With the core eye on high technology, the environment, compliance with the law and our community, this is Ember Eco Solutions’ true commitment and our trademark.