EMBER Plant and Equipment

the plant

Hopper and Smell Exhaustor


Carbonisation Oven

Distiller and Raitec (Recuperator of Volatile Gases)

The Raitec is a patented invention by Railton Faz which retains gases extracted from carbonisation. This is done via distillation, in-turn preventing air pollution and facilitating the of generation high market value sub products that can be sold to industry (such as tar, lignin and bio oil).

The spark itself is not dangerous. Here’s why: For the creation of fires or explosions there must be three elements that are combined simultaneously: a combustible material, oxygen and an ignition source. Removal of one of the elements will prevent a fire or explosion.

In today’s production plants, we have to cope with all elements that can lead to fire damage or cause an explosion. Extraction systems and pneumatic conveyors increase the danger of fire. Once sparks and glowing embers are created, the pneumatic extraction system conveys this danger very quickly to other subsequent areas of the plant. The danger is when two of the three elements necessary for the creation of fires and explosions are transported, namely: air and ignition sources, click now (sparks).

When this conveyed danger meets combustible materials (filter cloth, deposited and combustible dust in a separator or silo) it becomes more and more likely that a reaction will happen.

Environmental protection measures regarding dust emissions and tightened regulations for air pollution led to an increased use of filter systems, but the danger of dust explosions has not been reduced. In the process of drying, the dryer capacities have been steadily increased so that prevention of fires in these systems has become more important than ever.

The distiller can also be used in industrial chimneys