“The main challenge is the fear of the unknown”

Jose Railton de Souza Lima or “Railton Faz” (in Portuguese meaning “Railton Gets it done”) is a technical industrial engineer and has been inventing things ever since the age of 13. Railton comes from the countryside town of Lagarto, in the Brazilian state of Sergipe and has conquered the world with his inventions. He currently holds numerous patents, many used by industry and multinationals. His latest invention is a multi-award winning Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant.

Some of Railton’s work includes:

  • Raitec, a highly efficient volatile gases recuperator which retrieves and prevents the sending of toxic gases into the air from our waste management plants;

  • A machine for pressing biomass installed in national and multinational companies;

  • hydrometer box used throughout the utilities sector;

  • a camera system used in many ATM machines.

His latest technological innovations focus on the development of environmental equipment, which has become Railton’s passion.

In the environmental field, Railton has received industry recognition and overseas awards:



In 2015, Railton was honoured with the United Nations Merit Order as recognition for his many years pursuing and inventing technologies aiming at improving the quality of life of local communities.


In 2009, Railton won the Export Merit Award sponsored by the Wood Magazine in Curitiba –PR, in the south of Brazil. 

Railton recently presented the technology in the form of a scientific paper in XXXI ENEGEP, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.

Railton Faz has held various community and business administrative posts:

  • President of the Commission of Services Projects of Rotary Foundation, District 4390, present.

  • Ambassador of Rotary Disney in Brazil, 2012, present.

  • President of the Rotary Club of Lagarto, 2010-2011.

  • Associate in the Rotary Club of his home town Lagarto – SE, July 2006.

  • Director and Founder of Northeast Rugs, a rug manufacturing company in 2002.

  • Business Manager of Fundipe & Cedillas (automotive steelworks industry) in 2000.

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